of the brands CORE Kiteboarding, Carved Customs and Deluxe Kiteboards. CORE Kiteboarding, formerly known as Hiss-Tec Fehmarn (renamed in 2019), proudly develops and performs on the Island of Fehmarn, Baltic Sea, GERMANY. 

CORE Kiteboarding

CORE kites are designed in Germany. We consciously say no to yearly release cycles and short lived products. Instead we take our time to develop high end kite surf gear with experienced kiters and test them thoroughly worldwide. This allows us to deliver the highest performance, safety, quality and service in the market.


Carved Customs

CARVED is the maker of the world’s most exclusive custom kiteboards. We are technology pioneer in the use of carbon construction and exclusively use CARTAN® high-performance carbon. CARVED boards are handmade in Germany and bear the individual signature of perfection. CARVED stands for unrivaled performance, progress, character and quality.


Deluxe Kiteboards

DELUXE kiteboards are the most beautiful and easy riding kiteboards in classical and durable glass fibre and wood core snowboard construction. At the same time we strive to simplify and reduce to the maximum in order to focus on pure kiteboarding. DELUXE kiteboards are designed by the CORE Kiteboarding Team in Germany.


Tahe Outdoors

Tahe Outdoors – the leading European watersports company is delivering innovation to paddlers across the globe. Tahe Outdoors (previously known as Tahe Kayaks) is the top manufacturing and distribution company in the field of high quality watersports equipment in Europe. Our mission is to change people’s lives by introducing them to one of the most relaxing ways to spend their free time – kayaking. We are doing that in the most reliable and enjoyable way – through the kayaks, canoes and paddling gear manufactured by us in France and Estonia with attention to every single detail as well as concern for the environment.

Tahe Outdoors Distribution Germany
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